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Highest level of hygiene and FSSAI certifications for our kitchens;
Over 16 years experience in the food and beverage industry;
Great flavors and taste to tickle your taste buds.
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  Shawarma King is one of the subsidiary Brands under Maaz Foods and has outlets expanding all over Mumbai through a chain of Quick Service Restaurants (QSR). We specialise in Arabic and Lebanse fast foods with a twist of our Desi flavours. We have a state of the art Central Kitchen (FSSAI certified) from where all our items are dispatched on a daily basis. All ingredients are freshly picked and supplied and all ingredients are of the highest standard thereby ensuring that all our Kiosks have a standard quality of products supplied all over. Our speciality is in Shawarma which as our name suggests is an Arabic wrap which is made on a vertical grill thereby ensuring a healthy product. Shawarma in Turkish means "Vertical Grill". We compliment our Shawarma's with a variety of side orders and also ensure that our packaging keeps all ingredients warm during delivery. Our locations and menu are listed on our website and we also ensure that all items are delivered right at your door. We are available on DeliveryChef, Food Panda and Titbit for convenient online ordering which even accepts credit card payments. So give us a call and try us today.
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